ClearView Healthcare Partners Full-Time Consultant Position

ClearView Healthcare Partners is a premier life science consulting firm with offices in Boston, New York City and San Francisco serving clients in the biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics spaces. We provide world-class strategic decision-making support across a wide range of business issues. Our goal is to inform actionable recommendations that allow companies to achieve their business objectives.

We are currently recruiting PhD, post-docs and MD's who are looking to start their professional careers in 2022 for our Entry Level Consultant position. As a consultant at ClearView you will interact with both clients and teams within ClearView to address critical strategic questions within the biopharmaceutical space. During the course of a typical project, you will engage in a number of activities, including:
·        Conduct complex problem-solving through a hypothesis-based approach
·        Complete primary and secondary research to drive to critical insights
·        Create and utilize analytic tools (e.g., forecast models) to support key decision-making
·        Communicate recommendations to clients to inform strategy and maximize value

For more information see here: ClearView_Healthcare_Partners_Flyer.pdf