Edge-DS Scholars

UCSC and SCU-MB are partnering in a new data science grant sponsored by the California Learning Lab. As part of this grant, during the academic year 23-24, we are holding a Foundations Scholars program aimed at Faculty and Graduate students from Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. We like to invite you to be part of this cohort of enthusiastic scholars who will explore data science elements in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. In this program, we will make a survey of data science in the context of these fields and plan to discuss its implementation in current research, mentoring, and education. A main goal of this program is to nurture the different data science communities across campuses and the local region. We plan to meet a total of 12 times during the academic year. Attendance at all meetings is not necessary, however participation in most discussions is expected. 

Applications close September 30thhttps://forms.gle/DSa8qUXfFyDSd1D29

The program will start on October 4

**Important Links**
edge-DS: https://sites.google.com/ucsc.edu/edgedsprogram

California Learning Lab: https://calearninglab.org/grant/data-science-rfp/

Press release: https://news.ucsc.edu/2023/07/new-data-science-project.html

Activity waitlist: https://forms.gle/ikhGkPM8NBkJRzAc9