Computational Media Research

Labs & Research Groups


Principal Investigator: Sri Kurniawan

The Assistive Sociotechnical Solutions for Individuals with Special Needs using Technology (ASSIST) Lab's long-term research agenda is to help people with special needs (PSN) maintain a high quality of life through technology. Learn more

Augmented Design Lab

Principal Investigator: Jim Whitehead

The Augmented Design Lab focuses on developing basic understandings of the building blocks of design, as well as creating computational assistants that enhance the capacity of humans to perform design activities. Learn more

Creative Coding

Principal Investigator: Angus Forbes

Creative Coding is a team of interdisciplinary researchers and artists focusing on applied research in interaction and visualization, as well as on the exploration of experimental and creative works based on current techniques in human-computer interaction, scientific and information visualization, graphics, computer vision, immersive environments, and machine learning. Learn more

Design Reasoning Lab

Principal Investigator: Adam Smith

The Design Reasoning Lab considers applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the design and development process for interactive media. This includes procedural content generation and machine playtesting. Additionally, the lab is developing a new generation of search engines that allow semantic search within the space of play for individual games as well as across many interactive media titles. Learn more

Expressive Intelligence Studio (EIS)

Principal Investigators: Michael Mateas & Noah Wardrip-Fruin

EIS is a technical and cultural research group exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence, art, and design. A major thrust of this work is advanced AI for interactive narrative and video games. This includes autonomous characters, story generation, automated asset creation, game data analysis, and intelligent support for media design. Learn more

Human Computer Interaction Lab

Principal Investigator: Steve Whittaker

The Human Computer Interaction Lab studies how technology is affecting fundamental aspects of our everyday lives, and uses insights from Cognitive and Social Science to design new digital tools to support memory and collaboration and to help manage personal information. Learn more

Re-Embodied Cognition Lab

Principal Investigator: Leila Takayama

The Re-Embodied Cognition Lab studies how people make sense of, interact with, and relate to new technologies. As social scientists, we specialize in human-robot interaction, and research the (often strange) behaviors and attitudes that surround human interactions with new technologies. Learn more

Social Emotional Technology Lab (SET)

Director: Katherine Isbister

The Social Emotional Technology Laboratory (SET Lab) is an interdisciplinary team with researchers from Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Psychology, and Digital Arts and New Media. The mission of the lab is to design, implement and study human computer interaction technologies that enhance physical, social, and emotional experiences. Learn more

Software Introspection Lab

Principal Investigator: Jim Whitehead

The Software Introspection Laboratory focuses on the structure of software and how it evolves over time. As a lab, we're interested in how bugs get introduced into software and are working on techniques to identify and fix errors reliably. Learn more


Principal Investigator: David Lee

The Tech4Good Lab does research in social computing, the intersection of computational systems and human interaction. We integrate design, modeling, and algorithms towards creating novel environments for the future of work, education, governance, and community engagement. We are currently focused on scaling situated and experiential learning, supporting job search and transitions, and supporting communities in collaborating around causes. Learn more

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