Why Computer Science and Engineering?

Computer scientists and engineers study the design and architecture of digital systems, their properties, and their application. Computing is the field that is most strongly influencing the societal, industrial, and technological advances of this century, bringing a revolution spanning from what humans can do (via information technology, data science, e-commerce, and more) to how they communicate (the web, social networks, mobile devices, and virtual/augmented reality). 

The Computer Science and Engineering department at UC Santa Cruz spans multiple areas of research including algorithms, logic, and complexity; computer hardware, including architecture, VLSI (chip design), FPGAs, and design automation; computer security and privacy; cyber-physical systems; distributed systems; database systems; machine learning and artificial intelligence; natural language processing; networks; pervasive computing and human-computer interaction; programming languages; robotics; social computing; storage systems; and visual computing, including computer vision, visualization, and graphics. Computing at UC Santa Cruz has already attained a very high level of international recognition. With its proximity to Silicon Valley and its outstanding research, UCSC is a leader in computing research and education. Questions regarding the graduate programs in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering can be directed to the Graduate Advisor.

Please refer to the Division of Graduate Studies Admissions website for our current application due date.

NOTE: GRE scores are no longer required for admission consideration for the CSE MS or the CSE PhD programs. You are welcome to submit your official scores, but please note the inclusion of your official GRE scores will not be a deciding factor for admission.


Natural Language Processing MS

The UCSC Computer Science and Engineering Department also offers a professional MS degree in Natural Language Processing. This program offers in-depth coursework in natural language processing, machine learning and data science. Please note that professional degrees have higher fees than regular graduate programs. Please check the Registrar’s website for the most recent tuition and fee information.

Please refer to the Division of Graduate Studies Admissions website for our current application due date.