Computer Science & Engineering Breadth Requirements

In the CSE MS and CSE PhD programs, students must complete a set of breadth requirements by taking a total of 15 credits from the following list of classes. Students in these programs must select one course from three different breadth categories for a total of three courses (15 credits). There are ten breadth categories listed below that students may choose from when completing their breadth requirements. Only the graduate courses appearing below have been approved to be on the breadth list. If the course you want to take does not appear below, it may still count as an elective course. A course may count only towards one breadth area.

By selecting the links embedded in each course title listed below, you can verify if the course is still offered, when it was last offered, and when it may be offered next. Please note that course offerings are subject to change.

NOTE: Computer Science and Computer Engineering courses have the prefixes CMPS and CMPE. Courses previously listed with CMPS and CMPE prefixes may now be listed with the prefixes CSE or ECE depending on which department currently offers the course. Courses listed in italics refer to course information before Fall 2019.

Please refer to your program's degree requirements in the UCSC General Catalog and contact your Graduate Student Advisor if you have any questions.

Computer Architecture and Networks

Computer Graphics/ Scientific Visualization

Data Management

Interactive Computing and Gaming

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

Software Engineering and Programming Languages


Systems and Security

Theoretical Computer Science

Vision, Multimedia, and Image Processing

Courses NOT in any breadth category

If a course is not listed here, you should assume it will not count as a breadth requirement.