Filing Fee

Students may apply to use Filing Fee status in the quarter they wish to submit the thesis or dissertation to fulfill the requirements for the award of the masters or doctoral degree (MS Project Track and EE MS Comprehensive Exam Track are not eligible for filing fee).  This status is used in lieu of registration to maintain the relationship between the student and the University for the express purpose of filing the thesis or dissertation.  In order to be eligible for filing fee, a student must have been either on an approved leave of absence or registered in the previous quarter.

A student using the Filing Fee should submit the application for Filing Fee status, signed by all members of the Reading Committee to the department graduate student advisor by the deadline stated in the Academic and Administrative Calendar.  These signatures signify that all members have read the thesis/dissertation and believe that the candidate will need to make only minor revisions and will submit the completed work by the end of the quarter.  The department graduate student advisor will forward the following to the graduate division on the deadline stated in the Academic and Administrative Calendar:

  1. Application for Degree
  2. Application for Filing Fee
  3. A filing fee of $188 will be billed to your account once above paperwork is submitted.

A candidate on Filing Fee status is not eligible to use University facilities (library, laboratory facilities, or faculty time except for the reading of the dissertation), nor is the student eligible for financial support (GSR, TA, Fellowships or need based financial aid).

A student who does not complete the thesis or dissertation must register as a student the quarter they re-apply to graduate.  Students may use the filing fee only once.