Reader-Tutor Needed for CSE 102: Fall 2020


Reader-Tutor Needed for CSE 102: Fall 2020

Although typically undergraduate students are hired as reader-tutors for CSE 102 (Analysis of Algorithms), graduate students with no funding may also be considered during Fall 2020. The course will be offered online and all tutor-reader work will be done remotely. Full details of the course are available on the website:

Students must have taken and excelled in CMPS/CSE 102 (or CSE 201) preferably at UCSC. Desire to interact with and help undergraduate students learn the material is also required. Additional upper-division/graduate CS classes such as machine learning is a plus, but not required. The reader-tutor earns a stipend roughly $15/hour.

If interested, please send an email to the instructor, Suresh Lodha,, with the Subject Title: Reader-Tutor for CSE 102. In your email, please state whether you have taken CSE 102/201 (quarter, name of the instructor, and grade received), and include any other relevant information.