TA Application for Spring 2021 - Opens January 11

We are accepting Teaching Assistant (TA) applications/preference forms for the Spring 2021 quarter.  To be considered, you must submit the TA form by Monday, February 1, 2021 by 11:59pm PST.

For the TA Application/Preference form and detailed information regarding TAships please see:

You can select up to 7 preferences and they can be from any of the BSOE departments.  However, please note - departments will give priority to students in their own department so select wisely.

Please review this link for an unofficial course listing for Spring 2021 (dates/times may change).  Before listing a course as a preference to TA, please check with course listing to make sure there will be no time conflict between your courses and the course you would like to TA. Please access the document using your @UCSC email address.

New Grads please note the following:  If you were guaranteed a TAship as part of your admission offer, please complete the application/preference form found on the websites listed above. Only include courses from the department you were admitted to as courses in other departments are not guaranteed.


If you do not hear from our office by February 19, 2021, you can assume that you were not selected and we encourage you to apply again for Fall 2021.

We are only accepting applications for Spring 2021.  Please do not submit an application for a future quarter - it will be discarded.


Basic Eligibility:

1. Full-time graduate student enrollment (10+ units).
2. Unfunded, has not been offered or accepted another TA, GSI (TF or Assoc-In), or GSR position already for the same quarter.
3. Does not have other employment that would require exception for >50% employment.

4. For international students - meet at least one of the following minimum requirements used to measure English fluency to determine eligibility for TAships: 

  • 89 overall and 26+ on the speaking portion of the internet-based TOEFL, or 8+ overall for IELTS;
  • 71+ on the Versant exam;
  • Successful completion of LAAD 210 or the Grad Prep Program, if required; or
  • Waiver on file for exemption from language exam (this does not include TOEFL waiver for admission purposes).
  • Unfortunately, if you do not meet any of the minimum requirements, we are unable to consider you for the current openings.