Silicon Valley Startup Anello Photonics Looking for Navigation and Localization Algorithm Engineer

Job Description:

  • Develop tightly coupled localization and POSE estimation algorithms using a high-performance IMU ( Inertial Measurement Unit ) as backbone for sensor fusion.
  • Integration priorities include traditional IMU + GNSS/RTK solutions, as well as IMU + Camera and IMU + LIDAR localization solutions.
  • Develop simulations that analyze various accuracy tradeoffs. 
  • Generate Stanford diagrams for integrity and protection limits of the combined solution
  • Implement real-time algorithms on top of embedded CPU that runs PXROS real-time operating system
  • Orchestrate extensive test campaign to validate performance under a wide variety of test conditions
  • Regularly publish academic papers and blogs on the results of work. 


  • MS/PhD in Computer Science or BS and 3-5 years experience with extensive research experience in localization algorithms
  • Must demonstrate up to date knowledge in sensor fusion for localization
  • Proven abilities in advanced theoretical mathematics
  • Proven track record for publishing easy-to-read but informative papers
  • Expert programming skills in C and Python
  • Experience with real world hardware and testing

Interested candidates can contact below

Mike Horton

 CSO Anello Photonics