Open Call - JSMF - 2021 Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards

2021 Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards for Dynamic and Multiscale Systems

Application Deadline: June 11, 2021 


The fellowship is geared to students near the completion of their doctoral training and committed to acquiring new skills and experience in a multi-disciplinary field such as complex systems science. The JSMF fellowship is designed to provide students with opportunities to pursue postdoctoral training aligned with the student's interest and desire to obtain additional skills and experience that will further their pursuit of careers in complex systems science.


·Students should anticipate completing their degree requirements and activating the Fellowship between May 2022 and April 2023.

·The JSMF Fellowship is a unique opportunity for students with an interest in and an aptitude for complexity science who are in the final stages of completing their Ph.D. and looking to add new dimensions to their graduate training that will either be difficult or impossible without an independent source of funding.

·Important: This Fellowship is not intended for individuals that already have completed a Ph.D. or students that have already identified a postdoctoral position and a postdoctoral mentor as traditional.

Award Details:

·$200,000 USD to be expended in no less than 2 and no more than 3 years.

·The cost of the full postdoctoral salary or stipend and fringe benefits must be paid in full from the fellowship.

·Institutions cannot request that other funding sources be used to cover the Fellow’s salary or stipend; the primary purpose of this fellowship is the independence of the postdoctoral fellow.

·JSMF does not consider dependence on institutional or research grant funding as commensurate with such independence. The fellowship is not intended to provide general support to a laboratory or department.

·If the institutional postdoctoral salary scales are set such that there are funds in excess of what is needed for stipend and benefits, the excess funds can be used by the institution to support the Fellow’s research.

Special Requirements: Please promptly submit your proposal intake form prior to the UCSC's Internal Institutional Deadlines. For proposal support, or for any questions about institutional requirements, please send requests and questions to the research development team at A proposal development specialist will field your requests. 



Call sent: March 12, 2021 

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