Summer GSR Opportunities with CITL/HSI

Summer 2021 Graduate Student Researchers

The Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning (CITL) seeks two (2) 50% Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) for Summer 2021 to support the Redesigning Calculus in the Life Sciences component of the Graduating and Advancing New American Scholars (GANAS) grant, a Career Pathways HSI Title V project. The Redesigning Calculus in the Life Sciences activity will implement a comprehensive overhaul of curriculum and pedagogy with active learning and problem-solving sessions and focus on inclusivity and equity.

The GSRs will research and develop projects and active learning problem sets that bridge the introductory biology and calculus curricula to be used in the redesigned course.

Preferred qualifications include:

  • Experience with developing learning activities (quizzes, mini tests, homework problems, worksheets) as a GSI or TA.

  • Experience with articulating learning outcomes and their alignment with assessments and teaching practices.

  • Exposure with application related concepts in biology where introductory calculus is relevant and integrated.

  • Strong knowledge of calculus and some knowledge of biological sciences to bridge the transfer of knowledge between MATH 11A and the BIO20 series. 

  • Knowledge of Active Learning strategies.

  • Typesetting knowledge in LaTeX or similar tools.

  • Experience with Canvas content creation.

  • Knowledge of rubric development for project based assignments.

  • Works well in a collaborative environment where exchanging of ideas is dominant.

  • Experience with literature review for the purpose of the designing of the Math 11A course learning activities.

These positions are 50% GSR appointments, which includes graduate student health insurance (GSHIP). 

Interested graduate students must submit an up-to-date CV and a letter of application of no more than one single-spaced page that addresses your interest in the position and how your skills and experiences prepare you for the position. 

Send applications to with the subject line “GANAS GSR Application” by 9:00am on Monday, May 3.


  • Letter of intent due to CITL by Monday, May 3, at 9am (email letter to with subject the line “GANAS GSR Application”).

  • Selected candidates will be invited for an interview by Friday, May 7.

  • Interviews will take place the week of May 10.

  • Final decision will be made by May 17.

About the GANAS Grant: The Graduating and Advancing New American Scholars (GANAS) - Career Pathways HSI Title V Project represents a major step in the evolution of the University of California, Santa Cruz as a Hispanic-Serving Research Institution. In the last 25 years, UCSC has doubled in size and more than tripled its Latina/o student population. Currently, Latina/o students comprise 27% of UCSC’s 17,500 students. The GANAS Project aims to support Latina/o, low-income/EOP, and underrepresented students to, through, and beyond UCSC by addressing curricular, co-curricular, and institutional barriers.

FLYER: GSR_Calculus_Life_Sciences_Redesign.pdf