Weekly "pop-up" seminar on Salton Sea - Wednesdays at 11

Each Wednesday at 11 am (Pacific) we will likely be holding a one-hour
seminar on Salton Sea-related topics.  We invite you to attend the seminar.
We're calling it a "pop-up" seminar because it is possible some weeks we
won't have a speaker.  But when we do it will be extremely interesting.
For example, today our own Charlie Chesney will be discussing the future of
lithium mining and economic development in the Salton Sea region.

We meet in Zoom
Passcode: 473339

We will have national and regional experts presenting to us and joining the
conversation throughout the quarter.

Please email Project Coordinator Azucena Beltran (azrbeltr@ucsc.edu) if you
would like announcements about upcoming speakers.

*More background:*

At the request of the state Natural Resources Agency, UCSC is leading an
evaluation of water importation concepts for the long term restoration and
management of the Salton Sea.  Located near the Mexican border, the Salton
Sea is California's largest lake and is shrinking due to water transfers
out of the region. Our project is looking at environmental, social,
economic, public health, cultural, engineering, diplomatic, and other
aspects of importation concepts for long-term restoration.  5 UCSC grad
students have been employed on the project.

We have an opportunity to invite the leading scholars and practitioners on
Salton Sea restoration to give presentations.  We will learn about how the
state and region are dealing with cascading impacts on the region as the
sea shrinks away due to reduced inflows.