The University of Oklahoma Gallogly College of Engineering is Hiring!

The University of Oklahoma Gallogly College of Engineering currently
has 28 open faculty positions across all schools in the college. These
positions include tenure track positions in academic schools as well
as ranked renewable term positions to support our lower level
engineering curriculum. We would welcome applications from your
graduating PhD students. Please share this opportunity with them.

Information about The Gallogly College of Engineering (GCoE) at the
University of Oklahoma (OU):

OU is committed to building additional strength in engineering through
recruiting, retention, and research as we work to achieve the
ambitious goals of our strategic plan (
GCoE currently enrolls 3200 undergraduate students and 800 graduate
students; our undergraduate student body is diverse with 29% of our
students reporting their identity as URM and 25% reporting their
identity as women. We seek faculty candidates who are committed to the
values of diversity, equity, and inclusion and who practice those
values in all activities of faculty activity. For more information
about the University of Oklahoma, visit To
apply for a faculty position, you may use Soonerway and filter by
engineering program, or you may navigate to the link to view our webpage.

FLYER: Gallogly_Oklahoma_Flyer.pdf