UC HSI Pre Professoriate Fellows CALL

We are happy to circulate the call for the 2022-23 UC President’s Pre-Professoriate Fellowship (PPPF).  The fellowship supports PhD students (two per campus each year) who are California HSI alumni and have advanced to candidacy at UC. The fellowship aims to foster their interest and preparation for the professoriate.

The program’s goal is to enhance faculty pathways for historically underrepresented groups, particularly Chicanx/Latinx, African Americans, American Indians/Native Americans, Filipinx, and Pacific Islanders in all disciplines; women in STEM; and Asian Americans in the humanities and social sciences. The intent of the program is to provide fellowships for domestic historically underrepresented minorities from federally-designated California HSIs. For purposes of this fellowship, AB540 students are eligible. International students are not eligible for this fellowship.

This UC PPPF is only available to UC doctoral students who are matriculated in academic PhD programs and have advanced to candidacy.  Professional students (e.g. M.D., J.D.) are not eligible.

A note regarding students receiving a Master’s en route: if a student did not earn a bachelor’s degree from a California HSI, and was not enrolled in a master’s program at a California HSI, but was awarded a master’s degree en route to the PhD (at a UC HSI), that student should NOT be considered eligible for this fellowship. If a student was enrolled in and completed a master’s degree at a California HSI (including a UC HSI), that student is eligible for the fellowship (regardless of whether or not the student completed a bachelor’s degree at a California HSI). It is incumbent upon the graduate divisions to ensure that this guideline is followed. Beyond being contrary to the spirit of the Initiative, awarding the fellowship to a UC HSI student who earned a master’s en route to a PhD but does not hold a bachelor’s degree from a California HSI creates inequity for UC students, since not all PhD programs award a master’s degree en route.

Eligibility Criteria

·       Must be exceptional students (as demonstrated by their research achievements).

·       Must have received their bachelor’s or master’s degree (please see Master’s definitions and criteria above) from a California Hispanic Serving Institution (CA HSI)—public or private. Associate degrees from California community colleges do not meet the criteria/eligibility.

·       Must have advanced to candidacy prior to being selected for the fellowship.

·       Must have letters of support from Faculty Advisor(s) that address the student’s performance and potential as an exceptional academic, and comment on the likelihood that the student will pursue a professoriate path after receiving their PhD.

·       Must have a demonstrated record of advancing issues of inclusion, equity, and diversity; actively supporting underrepresented communities; and show commitment to pursuing these efforts throughout their career.

If you know of students who meet the eligibility criteria, please encourage them to apply. Interested students should submit the following materials to Assistant Dean, Stephanie Casher (scasher@ucsc.edu) by Friday, February 18, 2022:

  • Letter of application (2 pages maximum) from the nominee/student that speaks to the eligibility criteria and how much fellowship support the student has received to date       
  • Letters of support from Faculty Advisor(s)
Please direct any questions regarding the application process to Stephanie Casher.