CSE 247 (Projects in Artificial Intelligence) is Accepting Applications for Spring 2022

The instructor for CSE 247 is accepting enrollment applications from Baskin Engineering MS students. CSE 247, Projects in Artificial Intelligence, provides an overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) principles, implementation and deployment pipeline, and approaches in solving domain-related problems. Topics will be covered through direct instruction, invited guest speakers, reviews of state-of-the-art research papers, and a team project. Students will be given an opportunity to work on a quarter-long AI/ML project to be counted toward their MS capstone project requirements.
The deadline to apply for enrollment in CSE 247 is Friday, February 18th.
Eligible applicants for this course:
  • are currently enrolled in a graduate program offered by the Computer Science and Engineering Department; and
  • have prior experience in AI, ML, and/or deep learning.
If you are not enrolled in the CSE MS program or have completed your MS project, you may complete the enrollment application but please note that priority consideration is reserved for CSE MS students who have not yet started or completed their master's capstone project requirement. MS students cannot receive credit for both an independent study (i.e., CSE 296/297/299) and CSE 247.
To petition for permission codes for the course, students must complete the CSE 247 Enrollment Application by February 18th, 2022. Enrollment in CSE 247 is limited (due to the limited number of projects that can be supervised in a quarter) and submitting an application does not guarantee enrollment in the course.
The CSE 247 Enrollment Application is located on the Graduate Advising Forms page. If you are interested in enrolling in this course, please complete the enrollment form and do not contact the course instructor. You can contact your Graduate Student Advisor if you have questions about the application or your degree requirements.