Event Date/Time
May 25, 2022, 1:00pm
Event Location
McHenry Library

Save the date!  May 25th, 1-5 pm.

We are excited to host the 6th Annual 2022 Digital Scholarship Symposium.
This year's event will be hosted in person, with portions of the event
streamed via Zoom.  UCSC students are provided two unique opportunities
within the symposium to present their digital scholarship projects - an
interactive digital poster session and an opportunity for a short VizWall
<> talk.  The event focuses
on showcasing the independent, digital research and classroom work of UCSC
undergraduate and graduate students.  Join us to explore public facing,
media-rich, critically engaged, and creative student research.

This event is planned as an in person event on the ground floor of McHenry
library in the David Kirk Digital Scholarship Commons.  VizWall talks will
also be streamed via Zoom, and all projects will be highlighted on
<>our event page

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event <>
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