Recruitment for a user study related to a Microsoft Research internship related to Excel

We are researchers at Microsoft Research Redmond.  We would like to invite you to participate in a study to understand the use of spreadsheet software. Your participation will inform the design of features in Excel spreadsheets.

The study involves an hour-long session during which we will ask you to use an experimental spreadsheet software on a video conference call using Microsoft Teams’ Remote Control feature and subsequently provide feedback in a semi-structured interview. Prior to the study you will answer a demographic questionnaire. You will be given a short tutorial about how to use the prototype. You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire at the middle of the study, and another at the end of the study. We will ask you questions about your spreadsheet experience.   With your consent, we will record the interview on video and do a screen recording of the walkthrough on our computer (nothing on your computer will be recorded).

As a thank you for your time we will compensate you with USD $25 or local currency equivalent in Amazon vouchers.

If you use spreadsheets and are interested in this research, please email Kasra Ferdowsi at

We will contact you with further instructions and a research consent form and fix a date that’s convenient for the session/interview.

Thank you!

Kasra Ferdowsi & Advait Sarkar