Recruiting Lead Mentors for New Grad Peer Mentorship Program

Hey Grads, 

We are excited to announce the beginning of our new UCSC Peer Mentor Program for graduate students!

Program Highlights

The Graduate Student Peer Mentorship Program aims to create a safe space for incoming graduate students, as well as returning graduate students who need space to connect with experienced graduate peers. 

Graduate student mentors can offer tips and strategies to better navigate and understand program requirements in their own division and/or programs, as well as general expectations of graduate student life at UCSC.  There will also be an opportunity to connect with mentors of similar identity-based affinity groups.

Key elements of the mentorship program would provide perspective on what grads can expect in their course work, qualifying exams, and advancement to candidacy, in addition knowledge outside of traditional grad program curricula, such as how to utilize grad-specific campus resources, affinity groups and how to navigate advisor relationships.  

Application Process

  • Submit application by Tuesday, (9/6) by 10 AM
  • Provide summary statement with personal statement and interest in peer mentorship
  • Outline a detailed list of ideas for what you hope to bring to the program
  • Statement on education background and career goals and why you're qualified for a lead role
  • Top candidates will be selected and invited for an interview
  • Email the Director of Graduate Student Life, Rachel Neuman, with any questions.

Lead Mentor Responsibilities

  • The lead peer mentors will work to identify the most pressing needs for graduate student support and will develop programming and workshops to help meet these needs.
  • The lead peer mentors will organize and host a Peer Mentor Training, utilizing the Mentor Collective training modules. 
  • Lead mentors will plan and host mentee/mentor workshops. 
  • Lead mentors will promote the Peer Mentorship Program, participate as a mentor, and recruit mentors to enroll in the program
  • Lead mentors will collaborate with the graduate student intern, academic department-specific mentor programs, and GSC leadership to recruit and train peer mentors with diverse expertise across academic divisions who will work one-on-one to advise new graduate students.
  • Lead mentors will work in collaboration with the Director of Graduate Student Life and the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
Peer mentors will be connected with mentees based on their specific graduate programs, common interests, professional aspirations, and lived experiences to provide tailored advice on the challenges of graduate school via matching surveys and algorithms of an online system called Mentor Collective.