Assistant Professor of Anatomy & Physiology, Tenure Track Position-Whittier College, CA

Whittier College is searching for a new tenure-track Assistant Professor in Anatomy & Physiology (job description attached). We would really appreciate if you could share this job description with your graduate students, post-docs, networks and other interested colleagues. I am also very happy to answer any questions folks may have about the position.

Quick Job Description:

The Biology Department at Whittier College is accepting applications for a tenure-track appointment as Assistant Professor in Anatomy & Physiology starting August 2023.

The Biology Department seeks to provide broad training in the biological sciences, preparing students for a variety of careers including education, research, health, and business. The successful candidate will demonstrate a commitment to inclusive and culturally responsive undergraduate teaching and the development of effective strategies for the educational advancement of all students. Additionally, the applicant will also demonstrate their potential to develop an active research program in the biological sciences and will be expected to advise and mentor students in a manner that supports and addresses their academic and professional advancement. Within their teaching, research, and mentoring programs, candidates should contribute to equitable access and diversity in the biological sciences and within the college through participation in such activities as recruitment, retention, and mentoring of scholars and students from historically marginalized communities.

Successful candidates will hold a Ph.D. within the Biological Sciences, but candidates who have achieved ABD status within the biological sciences will also be considered. Preference will be given to candidates with a research background in organismal biology. In addition to teaching Anatomy & Physiology, examples of other courses that could be taught include Marine Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Vertebrate & Invertebrate courses, Bioinformatics, and/or courses connected to their area of expertise. They will also participate in the Liberal Education program of the College, through the occasional teaching of non-major courses such as a Freshman Writing Seminar, and Biological Topics in Society.

FLYER: Biology_Organismal_Biology.pdf