Postdoc Opportunity

Jennifer Doudna <> and Benjamin Rubin
<> are recruiting a jointly supervised postdoc
to work on in situ DNA editing of microbiomes at UC Berkeley. The candidate
will join a highly collaborative team of researchers in the two labs, who
are tightly integrated with the broader Innovative Genomics Institute’s
Precision Microbiome Editing Initiative
<>. Projects
will build on proof-of-principle community editing experiments
<> to enact precise and efficient
modification of microbiome members. This work relies on developing and
using novel CRISPR-Cas editing systems, sequence-based tracking of edits,
and next-generation tools for in situ control of edited organisms. The
postdoc will collaborate with a multidisciplinary group from UCSF, LBNL,
JBEI, and Cedar-Sinai to apply microbiome editing to understand and control
impactful microbial communities such as those in the human gut, cow rumen,
and the rhizosphere. Potential projects range from identifying and
modifying microbes with causal roles in inflammatory bowel disease and
asthma, to mitigating methane emissions from livestock.

If you are interested you can find more information and apply here