Final Call for Paid SIP Mentors: Summer Funding Opportunity for All Fields

Calling All Prospective SIP Mentors!

We are sending out a final call for SIP mentors for the 2023 Science Internship Program (SIP)! We have over 100 mentors (PhD students, postdocs, researchers, and faculty) already signed up to mentor over 300 high school interns in research projects which cover a wide range of subject areas. To name a few, this year we have projects in Linguistics, Digital Arts and New Media, Electrical Engineering, and more.

We are accepting mentors and projects from all subject areas, within and outside STEM and projects can be mentored in-person, online, or hybrid. This is a particularly great opportunity if you are looking for supplemental summer funding, would like to hone your mentoring skills, and expose high school students to research in your field of study.

Stipend information: The stipends for 2023 are $4,000 for graduate students (up to 100% summer salary in the combination of all UCSC summer appointments) and $2,200 for postdocs and research staff (in lieu of PTO). Questions about mentor stipends should be directed to SIP staff –

Please consider submitting a SIP 2023 mentor application!