Principal Program Faculty

Nic Brummell


Pascale Garaud


Marcella Gomez

Associate Professor

Qi Gong


Abhishek Halder

Assistant Professor

Vanessa Jonsson

Assistant Professor

Dongwook Lee

Associate Professor

Daniele Venturi


Hongyun Wang



Current Students

Name Contact Advisor
Agabin, Angelina Garaud
Deshpande, Poonam Garaud
El Zakhem, George Halder
Gandhi, Shashank Gong
Lehrer, Julian Garaud
Milhous, Kenzie Garaud
Miller, Miles Edwards (OCEA)
Moore, Joey Brummell
Morehead, Owen Garaud
Riedel, Sean Garaud
Sambamurthy, Anish Garaud
Spencer, Dan Jonsson




Name Graduation Year Capstone Advisor Most Recent Known Position
Phillips, Eliana Fall 2021 Computational Methods for Deducing Biological Processes Involved in Wound Healing from Gene Analysis Gomez Unknown
Cui, Qingyuan Summer 2021 Graph Curvature for COVID-19 Network Risk Analytics Halder Unknown
Rodriguez, Caelum Summer 2021 Comprehensive Examination Garaud Business Intelligence Analyst, Itron
Abad, Ferdinand Spring 2021 Comprehensive Examination Garaud Unknown
Davies, Jensen Spring 2021 Comprehensive Examination Garaud Unknown
Falcon, Anthony Spring 2021 Comprehensive Examination Garaud Software Test Engineer, Qualtrics
Garcia, Bryan Spring 2021 Comprehensive Examination Garaud Scientific Software Developer, LLNL
Holmes, Matthew Spring 2021 Comprehensive Examination Garaud Verification, Validation and UQ Post Masters Student, LANL
Matranga, Juliana Spring 2021 Thinning Algorithms for Remote Sensing Observations in Support of Ocean Data Assimilation Edwards PhD Student, Applied Math, UCSC
Pak, Insuh Spring 2021 Comprehensive Examination Garaud Business and Systems Analyst, UCSC
Sargent, Brett Spring 2021 Modeling and Prediction of Single-Cell Galvanotaxis Dynamics using Machine Learning Gomez Data Analyst, OB Media
Stahl, Alyson Spring 2021 Comprehensive Examination Garaud Unknown
Loos, Brian Fall 2020 Comprehensive Examination Garaud Unknown
Quist, Tayler Summer 2020 Estimating a Local Source Approximation for the Ultraviolet Background Radiation in Cosmological Settings using Lambda Iteration Brummell & Robertson

Staff Modeling & Simulations System Engineer, LinQuest Corporation

Wintz, Paul Summer 2020 Optimal Control of a Noncircular Wheel Gong PhD Student, Applied Math, UCSC
Dasika, Krishnakant Spring 2020 A framework for analyzing wound transcriptome data of skin and oral mucosa Gomez Biology Systems Modeller, Rosa & Co.
Haas, Nina Spring 2020 Comprehensive Examination Garaud Data Collection Specialist,  OSARO Inc
Krawczuk, Schuyler Spring 2020 Data-Efficient Surrogate Models for High-Throughput Density Functional Theory Venturi Data Scientist, AppZen
Chan, Natural Fall 2019 Comprehensive Examination Garaud Unknown
Chang, Eonho Summer 2019 Stratified Rotational Instabilities at Low Péclet Number Garaud PhD Student, Applied Math, University of Arizona
Dektor, Alec linkedin Spring 2019 Recursive Biorthogonal Decomposition of Multivariate Functions and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Venturi PhD Student, Applied Math, UCSC
Iwamasa, James linkedin Spring 2019 Comprehensive Examination   Risk Advisory Staff, EY
Keane, Nathan linkedin Spring 2019 An Idealized Numerical Modeling Study of Enhanced Coastal Upwelling by Topographic Variations Around Capes Edwards PhD Student, Physical Oceanography, Oregon State
Mattia, Edward linkedin Spring 2019 Comprehensive Examination   Machine Learning Specialist, SigOpt
Harrington, Peter linkedin Fall 2018 The Effects of Background Magnetic Fields on Astrophysical Fingering Convection Garaud HPC & Machine Learning Engineer, LBNL
Gianfortone, Lia linkedin Summer 2018 Ellipsoidal Algorithm for Fast Computation of Reachable Tubes Garaud PhD Student, Applied Math, UCSC
Gruey, Benjamin linkedin Spring 2018 Comprehensive Examination Garaud PhD Student, Physics, Colorado State
Rodgers, Abram linkedin Spring 2018 Comprehensive Examination Garaud PhD Student, Applied Math, UCSC
Milenska, Liliya linkedin Winter 2018 An Impact of Divergence-Free Magnetic Field Interpolation Using a Solenoidal Gaussian Process Kernel Lee Data Science Engineer, Sojern
Lavell, Michael linkedin Spring 2017 Computing Slowly Moving Shocks with Flux-Differencing Schemes Lee PhD Student, Physics, University of Rochester
Liu, Suhan (Elaine) linkedin Fall 2016 Comprehensive Examination Garaud Software Engineer, Microsoft


SciCAM Program Contacts

Dongwook Lee
Graduate Director
Baskin Engineering, Room 357C

Pascale Garaud
4+1 Pathway Director
Baskin Engineering, Room 353A

Theo-Alyce Gordon
Graduate Advisor
Engineering 2, Room 595K

In-Person Walk-In Advising: Tues-Thurs 1:30pm-4pm
Zoom Appointments: Wed 9:30am-11:30am **Schedule*