Research in Statistical Science


The students and faculty in the Statistical Science program carry out world-class research in the foundations and applications of statistics and data science.  Their work has been funded by a variety of federal agencies, including the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Nacional Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Energy (DOE).  Most of these projects provide graduate student support in the form of Graduate Student Assistantships (GSRs)

The work carried out by our students and faculty is published in the top statistics journals. These are some examples of recent papers by our faculty (bold names) and students (red names). You can learn more about the work in which our faculty is involved by exploring their personal websites.

Not surprisingly, faculty and students also regularly present their work at some of the top Statistics and Computer Science conferences in the world (the Joint Statistical Meetings, the ISBA World Meeting and the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems) and academic departments across the world.  We consider student participation in conferences and workshops an integral piece of their academic training and the faculty works to secure funding for their attendance.

Intellectual Life

UCSC's location next to Silicon Valley offers a number of research and employment opportunities to our students and faculty.  Many of our faculty regularly consult and our students usually take summer internships in various Bay Area companies.  Sometimes, work that starts as part of an internship becomes part of the student's dissertation, and students are often hired by the companies they intern for.  You can learn more about some of these opportunities by reviewing our alumni page.

UCSC's location also facilitates interactions with other researchers from across the world.  The Statistics Department hosts a weekly seminar series that brings in speakers from the across the world.  The department also regularly hosts outside visitors from across the world for short and medium term stays.  You can see upcoming seminars and events on the Department's webpage.  Students are encouraged to interact with speakers and visitors and often serve as hosts for meals and other events.  Finally, the our faculty regularly organizes conferences and events that bring visibility to the campus and the programs.  For example, our faculty has been organizing a series of NSF/CBMS summer conferences over the last 10 years; you can see details for the most recent here.

Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Collaborations

The research carried out by our students and faculty is highly interdisciplinary. We collaborate with computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists, social scientists, ecologists, biologists and medical doctors to develop novel methodology that advances our ability to make decisions on the basis of data in the context high-impact, real-life applications.  In addition, our faculty and students are also affiliated with a number of institutes and centers on campus:

In addition, our faculty maintains a close relationship with various National Laboratories, Federal Agencies, and International Agencies, including Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL), Los Alamos National Lab (LANL)Sandia National Lab (SNL), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), UN Inter-Agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation, and WHO Verbal Autopsy Reference Group.