Applied Mathematics

Why Applied Mathematics?

Graduate studies at the Department of Applied Mathematics focus on developing skillsets in mathematical modeling, analysis and scientific computation applied to a broad range of science and engineering disciplines, including fluid mechanics, mathematical biology, dynamical systems, stochastic processes, control and optimization. 

The graduate program currently offers three different degree options consisting of one Ph.D. program and two MS programs. The Ph.D. program prepares the students with the foundational tools of applied mathematics, enabling them to perform independent research that transcends the disciplinary boundaries in sciences and engineerings. The Applied Mathematics MS program is designed to prepare the students for professional careers in applied domains requiring mathematical skillsets. The Scientific Computing and Applied Mathematics (SciCAM) MS program is specifically designed to prepare the students for careers that involve high-performance computing as well as mathematical modeling.  The overarching goal of the graduate programs is to underscore the application of mathematics in solving real-life problems. Questions regarding the graduate program in the Department of Applied Mathematics can be directed to the Graduate Advisor.